Covid-19 Safety & Policy

Unfortunately, a global pandemic has strike us this year. And for what we know till this day, its going to stay with us for a while. Due to COVID-19, Shapeless Store team is sorry to announce that we will have some adjustments and preventions regarding our return, shipping policies and order to keep us, our customers and the rest of the world safe and prevent any further infection.

processing time

processing time for your order may take an addition of 1-4 business days. However, Shapeless Store team will try their best to keep it as short as possible.

Shipping time

due to the pandemic, lots of the shipping companies and warehouses that we work with, work in small groups and capsules. Therefore, delays are expected.

Return & Refund policy

In order to maintain safety, there is no need to send the item that you want to return back to us. If your request has been accepted, you are free to keep the item or donate it.

If you have any further question, Don't hesitate and contact us at

stay safe, stay home